JAG seeks your help!

The Runnymede Joint Action Group – the multi-agency team who tackle location based crime and anti-social behaviour would like you to bear in mind that we have seen a sharp rise in the number of pedal cycles stolen in the past month in the borough.

Chair of the JAG Wendy Roberts of Safer Runnymede asks residents to ensure thatthey always secure their bikes both at home and out and about if they are not being ridden. “It only takes a moment for a thief to steal a bicycle.” She warns.

Protect your bike!

Local Sergeant Iain Weaving says, “if you see a bike or bikes abandoned it could be that the thief is coming back to recover them so please tell your local police. If you suspect who is responsible for these crimes do please let us know. If you want to remain anonymous you can just call CrimeStoppers.

Some of the bikes have been very expensive and may have been targeted. However if given an opportunity to ride rather than walk some people will pinch and then just abandon someone else’s less ‘valuable’ property.

You can get good locks for you bike and  or garage and if you contact local officers you can arrange to have your bike security marked.

Best you also record the frame number of your bike and photograph it so that when we recover your property we can return it to you and hopefully prosecute the offender(s)!”

Neighbourhood Watch groups have been advised and local police are on patrol to tackle this proiority.

The JAG met today Wednesday 22nd of June and will review progress in a months time.

Call 0845 125 2222 for all non-emergency policing matters.

Call 999 if you have a genuine emergency requiring the attendance of the police (eg a crime is in progress or someone is in immediate danger).

Call independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have information about crime and don’t want to leave your name.

About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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1 Response to JAG seeks your help!

  1. Runnymede Bill says:

    In Japan, the police mark each bike individually with a unique number so that the bicycle can be handed back to the owner when found – typically near railway stations. But, the Japanese police also have neighbourhood ‘offices’ and they know everyone in their designated ‘area’. Typically they patrol on Honda Cub motorcycles. So it is much easier to get your bicycle tagged!
    The new bikes also come with wheel locks fitted as standard. I never lost any of the family bikes (7) in 7 years in Japan.

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