Runnymede’s new recycling service starts in October

Runnymede Council is gearing up to a new kerbside recycling service that starts from 8 October 2012 and will see the multiple boxes and bags being replaced by one blue lidded wheeled bin for each household.

The blue lidded wheeled bins for recyclable items will be delivered to households throughout Runnymede from 13 August 2012 over a six week period, but will not be emptied until the start of the new service in October.  Detailed information about the new service and calendar of collection dates will be delivered with the bins.

Items that can be recycled in this service just need to be placed in the new blue lidded wheeled bins.  As now, plastic containers and cans should be washed and squashed before going into the bin. Materials that can recycled are:
• all types of paper
• card
• plastic bottles
• plastic containers
• drinks cartons (tetrapaks)
• steel and aluminium food and drinks cans
• glass bottles, jars

Refuse and recycling will in future be collected on alternate weeks, but the food waste collection will remain weekly, as now. Items that can be recycled, but are not included in the kerbside collection can be recycled at our bring-sites or at the community recycling centres.

Head of Engineering, Stephen Fuggles explained: “With the introduction of the new recycling service, we are confident that not only will residents be happier with the service but also the amount recyclable material collected will increase. Runnymede will have an easy to use and comprehensive recycling scheme which is cost effective. This will enable the smooth transition to alternate weekly collections of the wheeled bins for household rubbish and recycling.”

Leader of the Council, Cllr Patrick Roberts said: “Our current recycling scheme was introduced with separate boxes to allow for kerb side sorting as this maximised the value of the recycled material.   Today, improved re-sorting technology means we can mix our recycling and still retain the value.  The open boxes were not universally popular and the transfer to a lidded, wheeled bin will be a welcome improvement.   We anticipate even higher levels of recycling and this will continue to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.   I am sure this new service will be embraced by our residents as we continue to seek greener solutions to waste management.”

For more information about the new recycling scheme please contact the recycling hotline on 0800 052 0067, e-mail or visit our website


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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One Response to Runnymede’s new recycling service starts in October

  1. Roger Nield says:

    Hmm there are thousands of the new bins being delivered from the Civic Centre though!

    Looks like its on it’s way – a done deal?

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