Mini Roundabouts

Thanks to Bill who saw this on This is Cornwall.

“Correct me if i am wrong.My understanding of rounabouts is; that you give way to traffic from the right.

That means that everyone is to the right of someone else .

It follows for me then that if you are at the roundabout first even if someone is bearing down onto the roundabout from your right. Then being the first there means you have right of way.

This also applies to double mini roundabouts.

There are a few of these in and around camborne n redruth but morons seen to treat them as if they are not there and just drive full speed at and over them without even a hint of slowing down to check that someone to their left may already be entering or even on the roundabout.

They then proceed to hurl abuse.

Just today i was on a roundabout near macdonalds in pool. Started to pull out onto the roundabout. The car to my right was a good 20 metre’s away from it. The female driver continued towards the roundabout and i was half way across when a realise she wasnt even looking ahead she was looking into mcdonalds. Her male passenger proceeded to gesture through the windscreen and seemed to turn into some sort of ape Actually tasmanian devil may be more apropriate. I was nearly off the rounabout as they were entering. Go figure.”

So it’s not only in Surrey that folk are exercised about driving issues! And I have left the original format and not tidied it up! Lastly the point is a fair one but it did make me smile hence I’ve tagged this in “humour”. No offence meant.



About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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