Creative Play Mondays at the Village Centre

Dear All,

Does anyone have any children’s play kitchenware they could spare?  Our children’s kitchen is a little short of cooking pots and pans, tea cups and wooden spoons.  If you do have anything to offer, could you let Karen know thank you.

Thank you to Savill Flooring in Victoria Street who have donated some carpet for the children’s area –

Last Monday morning we made play food for the kitchen out of salt dough and there were some lovely things baked in the (grown up) oven and which turned hard.  For a few days children were able to bake

homemade croissants, banana’s, cookies, spaghetti, and even fried eggs until Wednesday when a young scientist added water and it all went mushy.  Look out for another salt dough food making session coming soon – and this time we’ll attempt to varnish it (with child friendly varnish)!  Discussion and comments always appreciated!

For the next two Mondays 24th September and 1st October I am going to do painting from 9.45am -10.30am then songs and finger rhymes from 11am – 11.30am.  Thank you to all those people who have donated shirts to use as painting smocks.  Parental supervision appreciated!  Suggested donation £1 per family.

Thanks and hope to see you




About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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