Horribel Halloween Menu

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Halloween is all about food. So we’ve designed two menus for you – one fun, the other one more mature – so that you can celebrate in style.
Horrible Halloween menus

The fun one


A sickening starter: Maggoty-brained pumpkin heads

Take one cute mini pumpkin per person, then make it horrid by carving in an ugly face and filling the insides with brains. Eurgh… totally vile, and totally Halloween. The ‘maggoty’ brains (pictured above) are in fact spaghetti in tomato sauce – so they’re vegetarian-friendly brains, which is always nice.


A mangled main: Green slime eyeball pasta with fiery hell sauce

eyeballWow, you certainly wouldn’t find that on a restaurant menu. Chef Rob Cottam goes all out with squidgy eyeballs (mini mozzarella balls shoved inside half a cherry tomato, with a pinch of basil in the middle for a pupil) nestled on a bed of gloopy red sauce and green pasta.

A putrid pudding: Halloween cookies

cookiesGreat fun to make with little’uns, and also a possible trick-or-treat goodie. The biscuit is chocolate (and gluten free) and we suggest you cut your cookies into pumpkin, ghost and bat shapes, then use coloured icing to decorate them.


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