Travelodge to have ‘huge effect on Chertsey hotels’

author David Stubbings and reblogged from Get Surrey
January 31, 2013

WORK on a controversial new Travelodge is expected to start next month after the company announced that it would open in December this year.

CHA_SHR_TravelPlanning permission for the 73-room hotel, which will be built on the site of Riversdell House in Riversdell Close, Chertsey, was granted last January.

Travelodge described the plans as a £7m investment for the area, creating 15 jobs and bringing £1m a year to the economy, calculating that visitors would spend on average £36 in the town when staying at the hotel during its first year.

But other hotels in Chertsey started petitions against the plan in 2011 and the new gatecrasher still splits opinion in the town.

Tracey Palmer-Hall, owner of Thyme at the Tavern in London Street, doubted the amount of business that guests would bring in.

“They don’t eat out. They eat with the business during the day and do not go out,” she said.

“I don’t think it will bring the amount of business Travelodge was trying to promote. It will have a huge effect on the hotel industry in the town.”

Carter Williamson, owner of Hamilton in Windsor Street, hoped the hotel would bring customers to his restaurant but added: “It’s a shame because we don’t need a Travelodge.”

However, Anna Barry, administrator at the Chertsey Chamber of Commerce, said: “The chamber thinks it’s fairly positive. It’s not going to have a cafe or restaurant so hopefully people will use cafes in the town for breakfast and restaurants in the evening.

“It’s much better than having an empty building.

“I’ve talked to a few [hoteliers] and I think they are realising that they offer a better service. Hopefully, it won’t affect the hotels business.”

Tina Ford, owner of Just Relish in Guildford Street, added: “I’m happy somebody different is coming to Chertsey.

“It’s an ailing town. It will be nice to see something like Travelodge.”


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One Response to Travelodge to have ‘huge effect on Chertsey hotels’

  1. Stuart says:

    Planning should not be used to protect local businesses. They should protect them selves by becoming more competitive or providing better services. The chamber of commerce needs to be very careful to ensure it does not transgress competition law by acting to block competition or cating as a cartel. A new hotel can cause no conceivable harm to local residents so should be allowed.

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