At the Runnymede Police training day the neighbourhood policing team set up the Twitter hashtag #askrunnymedebeat challenging their followers and others to ask them  questions on any subject. This had the effect of engaging the delegates at the training event and reminding them that their public never stops wanting information…

There was a secondary purpose, to show our patrolling staff how Inrto Pagetwitter conversations can increase the team’s “reach” with retweets, the saving of favourite tweets and encouraging other people to follow @RunnymedeBeat. This helped officers understand that ‘good’  engagement is  more complex than simply broadcasting  messages and information.

It also helped to maintain our public facing posture whilst the team undertook some continuing professional development; reviewed their performance (good) and were directed how to tackle the challenges facing police up to and over the Summer. (That seems a long way off though doesn’t it?)

       “what’s the most common incident you respond to and how can the public do their bit to reduce the number of such incidents?”

We received some 20+ questions, not all serious and we were able to use short links to direct and advise the questioners to the answers if Twitter’s 140 characters were not enough.

Great result RT:  Seven charged with conspiracy to supply a Class A drug http://wp.me/p1eV0V-104

It was notable that there were no local media posed questions on the day.

Can we ask who is expected to win the Six Nations…? 😉 #askrunnymedebeat

All-in-all it was a good springboard but there is more to do, opportunities were not fully grasped though I predict that you can look forward to similar events in the future.

The Runnymede Neighbourhood Policing Team from their “broken down old inspector” up would like to thank all the folks that put questions to us and invite feedback on our effort.

And I’d add a special #NeighbourhoodInspectorsCommendation for Becky M and the Safer Neighbourhood Team Coordinators for managing @RunnymedeBeat for me/us.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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