Special Specials win awards – all volunteered

Last night at Guildford Cathedral’s refectory Special Constables from across Surrey Police gathered to recognise bravery, hard work and achievements.

It was a chance to reflect on how much we the public owe to these volunteer, unpaid police officers.


images-1Their chief officer James W Deller (@JWDeller) was recognised for 19 years volunteering. However this should be viewed in relation to the Bob Terry’s 29 years wearing the uniform of a Special Constable and rising through the ranks. (Yes TWENTY NINE years service – all voluntary).

Chief Constable Lynne Owens (@CCLynneOwens) was clearly moved as she spoke aboutimages the debt owed by the service and the public to these guys and their colleagues.

The Runnymede Neighbourhood Specials were recognised as the Special Constable Team of the Year which was testament for the thousands of hours of toil and effort put in including the Olympics, executing warrants, helping at parades as well as on Drive Smart days and Red Shifts such as Halloween and New Years Eve. The competition for the trophy was fierce and yet the award was well deserved.

(Well I would say that!?)

To complete the evening Runnymede’s own Special Inspector Chris Chapman (@CIJC) and Special Sergeant Ken (Kevin?? LoL) Slade @Sladester100 were among a strong field nominated for Special Constable of the Year.

Chris was selected for this prestigious aware by his peers and the trophy was presented by Surrey PCC Kevin Hurley @(kvnbhrly1).

It was fabulous to see so many Special Constables there to share the event and for me to reflect on how much the Runnymede Neighbourhood Policing Team and the residents of the borough have to thank them all for.

So on our behalf here it is:

a big THANK YOU – Special Constabulary

[BTW notice what I’ve done? Yes – you can follow these folk on Twitter if you like.]


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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2 Responses to Special Specials win awards – all volunteered

  1. Roger Nield says:

    The Special team were close the last couple of years to achieving recognition but the best example of dedication to duty was….

    On the day the Olympic torch came to Egham one lady Special was on duty at the Marinello’s roundabout on Egham Hill keeping spectators from slipping into the torch convoys route. The heavens opened and the rain bucket end down. The hill became a torrent and the poor lass needed up calf deep in flood water. But she never wavered, doggedly kept pedestrians and traffic separate and is the only person I know to be praised by motorcyclists from another force!

    Delighted to have her on my team?

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