Foxhills ward by-election result

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Chris Browne, UK Independence Party has been elected as the new councillor for the Foxhills Ward following a by election held on Thursday 14 March 2013.

Runnymede Council’s Chief Executive and Returning Officer, Paul Turrell said: “We welcome the newly elected councillor Chris Browne and look forward to him making his mark on council business.”

There were three candidates standing for election with the count held at Runnymede Council’s Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, KT15 2AH which started at 10pm with the result declared by the Returning Officer at 11.15pm after a recount.

The result of the by election is as follows:

Chris Browne, UK Independence Party, 336 votes (Elected)
John Gurney, Labour Party Candidate, 181 votes
Barry Pitt, The Conservative Party Candidate, 318 votes

Turnout was 19.41% with a total of 838 votes cast.

For more information about elections in Runnymede, please contact Electoral Services on 01932 425650 or


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