Construction jobs for Addlestone apprentices

Published date : 11 March 2013

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) supports the local construction workforce in Addlestone, Surrey as National Apprentice Week 2013 gets underway this week.

National Apprenticeship Week is in its sixth year.  It’s championed by the National Apprenticeship Service and the week aims to showcase and celebrate Apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on businesses and individuals.

Carole Hardick, Strategy Manager for the HCA in the East and South East says:

“Part of what we do is encourage house developers we work with, for example through our Affordable Homes Programme, to deliver a range of training opportunities, including apprenticeships, to help more young people into construction work.”

Just one of the ways developers of affordable homes are helping with this is through Notting Hill Housing Trust’sConstruction Training Initiative (CTI). Set up in 1995 itsupports trainees through college to achieve a level 2/3 trade qualification, and provide sufficient work experience to allow them to become employed after two to three years with the initiative.

Case Study; Richard Salazar, apprentice electrician

Richard first contacted CTI in August 2011 having found that potential employers required site experience in order to take him on.

Within a month Richard was found a place on Franklands Drive (Phase 1), Addlestone, Surrey withDurkan Ltd, a development being progressed by Paragon Community Housing Group and Accent Peerless which is providing a mix of 350, rented and shared owned flats and houses, supported with funding from the HCA’s Affordable Homes Programme (AHP).

Very quickly he was offered full-time employment by a firm of electrical contractors having gained experience on a substantial construction project.

The homes at Franklands Drive fulfil a huge need for affordable housing in the Runnymede borough by utilising a large plot of disused land to provide a mix of 350, rented and shared owned flats and houses.  A number of apprentices have been working on the scheme from CTI covering a variety of core trades from carpentry to plastering.

Chris Whelan, Business Development Director, Paragon Community Housing Group says:

“We are delighted that the training aspects of the Franklands Drive scheme have been so successful. We look forward to continuing this success with Phase 2 which has just commenced on site.”

Paul McCrea, Community Liaison Manager, Durkan Ltd adds:

“The experience gained through apprenticeships builds on trainees’ skills developed at college to make them competent trades’ people. It also helps the trainees to gather trade related NVQ evidence towards their qualifications.   In the case of Richard Salazar this is practical experience on a major construction project which helped him get a job.”

The HCA continues recognise and support the role training and apprenticeships play in not only transforming people’s lives through rewarding career opportunities but also stimulating growth and strengthening the economy.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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