Parking time limits proposed in New Haw

Re pressed from Get Surre. Author  David Stubbings
March 20, 2013

BUSINESSES along New Haw’s main shopping street are hoping new parking restrictions could help trade.

Residents and traders in The Broadway have been sent questionnaires by Surrey County Council asking if they are in favour of introducing time restrictions along the road.

YesThose responding to the survey, which closed on Monday (March 18), were asked if they favoured 30 minutes, two hours or four hours.

Currently The Broadway has unrestricted parking outside the shops which line it.

Simon Hayes, owner of Ron Hayes and Son hardware store, said: “I definitely would be in favour of it. There are many cars that park there from 9am to 6pm and don’t move. I lose business every week.

“People come in and say ‘I couldn’t get my big bag of coal or salt’ so they had to go somewhere down the road. Two hours [limit] is enough.”

Councillor for New Haw, Damian Sorgiovanni, added: “I think it’s a good idea, it’s only a little high street.

“You need the turnover to get the footfall. People want to pop in for a quick shop.”

Karen Couzens, owner of Broadway Pampered Pets, said she did not often have cars parked outside her shop all day but could understand how it caused a problem for neighbouring businesses.

She said: “If you put in a half-hour no return, people are still going to park there.

“School times are the worst. Any restrictions they put in won’t make any difference to the school run anyway.”

A spokesman for Surrey County Council said 20 responses had been received to the 66 letters sent out, and added that no timescale had been put on introducing any changes along the road.



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