Stolen Landrover 90 reg H392 AYP

H392 AYP    the owner is Wolfy Von Dubs

MY 90 HAS BEEN STOLEN!!!!!!!! H392 AYP.



RED. Black chqer on bonnet and wing tops.
265 TYRES.
LAST NITE. FROM WOKINGHAM……it had chubb locks on the frnt doors. ..

  • had someone fishing earlier. Vehicle is on farm watch. Farmers in farley hill area been alerted. I have texted most people i know as it is very identifiable. Tho. i expect its in parts even now.
  • Wolfy Von Dubs nb. anyone selling red 90 200tdi parts. window grills. Wrangler mtrs on grey moduler steels or a foir runner roof rack that has unusual holes in the leading edge etc……
  • Wolfy Von Dubs …….. td5 rear axle. Side bars etc etc. It owes me a lot and is more precious than any precious thing to me. I dont give a monkies about the tools etc etc etc……

    If you see this vehicle or any of the bits Wolfy loves call the police on 101 and lets get it back to him.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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4 Responses to Stolen Landrover 90 reg H392 AYP

  1. People (well, thieves) have no heart… I hope he finds it back. 😦

  2. Roger Nield says:

    Wolfy Von Dubs: the cheq plate was matt black since that photo. 4 round spots on roof rack. The frnt indicator lenses were also clear. Tornado ss exhaust. Wide yoke props. The only thing she was wanting was the single pane sliding window on drivers side. An unusual thing us rivit counters may note – the ht side windows are on the wrong sides.

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