Missing Landy – some bits found!

As you may know Wolfy had his landrover stolen… this is what’s left of it from this site he’s recovered some personal items. He did a bit of detective work and hopefully the police have some suspects to question.

not much left....

not much left….

“Found the remains of her today.”

The place where the bits were found is Gorrick Plantation, Wokingham:

“The location is well known by the police. Gorrick Plantation – towards railway line. (sorry i said garrick before) Triangulates Heathlands Road, Nine Mile Ride and rail tracks. There is a byway thru the woods past luckely oak school to Heathlands Road.”

“Gutted. And my 90. Gas axed engine/gearbox out. Totally mangled seat box, bulkhead and slices off the chassis. Rear tub is mangled as they had to get round the dead locks.
Police turned up while i was there, picking up personal stuff. (My marine vhf licence etc)
Now they have to deal with the scum who has my running gear, wings and interior.”

This is what ‘she’ looked like:





Thank you all for your efforts to help reunite vehicle and owner.





Wolfy’s last post on this sad subject is “went back last last eve to rescue the roofrack and bits (roof, ht sides and bonnet – too heavy and far to shift the bulkhead, and i wud so like that td5 rear axle back……)”

The Crime Number is EG4227002/13 (the number relating to theft.) So if you have any info regarding the theft, who took it or who chopped it up do please contact Thames Valley Police just dial 101 and quoting the crime number pass on your information.



About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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2 Responses to Missing Landy – some bits found!

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    • Roger Nield says:

      Delighted to tell that in Thames Valley area someone has been arrested and a Landrover and other landrover parts have been seized.

      Questions to be asked of the suspect????

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