Moped and motorcycle owners warned of thefts in north Surrey

Message from Surrey Police

Message from Surrey Police

In one incident in Elmbridge borough, a moped was stolen from the roadside in Cobham. This offence occurred sometime between 11.30pm on Saturday, 6 April and 8am on Sunday, 7 April.

A further two offences have been reported in Spelthorne since the start of the month. In one of the incidents, which occurred sometime between 6.30am and 8.30am on Monday, 1 April, a motorcycle was stolen from the front path of a property in Sunbury-on-Thames. The cover and ignition barrel were removed from the vehicle and left at the scene. In the other incident, the front panel and number plate were removed from a moped which was then was stolen from the driveway of a property in Staines-upon-Thames. This offence occurred sometime between 1.30pm on Thursday, 4 April, and 6.40am on Friday, 5 April. The moped was later found in Ashford.

Force Crime Reduction Advisor Liane Jarman said: “We often issue advice on how to protect your car or van from thieves but we have had a few incidents reported in the north of the county recently in which mopeds and a motorcycle have been targeted.

“Some of the advice is the same – such as parking your vehicle in a garage wherever possible and if not, leaving it in a well-lit location – however there are also specific precautions you can take with mopeds and motorcycles. If possible you should secure your vehicle to a ground anchor or something similar. You should also make sure to use a motorcycle cover and not leave helmets and other possessions with the bike.

“If your motorcycle or moped is stolen, we have more chance of being able to reunite you with the vehicle if it is marked with its vehicle identification number. Keeping a photograph of the motorcycle or moped and description of any identifying features will also help with any enquiries to locate the stolen vehicle.”

The moped which was stolen in Staines-upon-Thames was reunited with its owner after being seen and reported to the police by a member of the public. If you see a vehicle parked in suspicious circumstances or which appears to have been abandoned then please report this by calling 101.

Further crime prevention advice is available on the Surrey Police website at or by calling the Runnymede Crime Reduction Advisor, James Barett on 101.


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