Sewage pipe burst shuts main road in Chertsey

Authored by David Stubbings April 02, 2013 and reblogged from Get Surrey

PART of Chertsey’s main shopping street has been closed for almost a week after a sewer burst.

Sewage from the Thames Water pipe left part of Guildford Street shut to road traffic from Wednesday (March 27), with some also leaking into the River Bourne.

HI132001The water company said it was hoping to reopen the route between the junction with Pyrcroft Road and the roundabout outside Chertsey Library on “Wednesday afternoon or, by the latest, Thursday morning”.

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “We are really sorry for the disruption being caused by a burst sewer pipe in Chertsey.

“Unfortunately, sewage flooded Guildford Street and some also polluted the River Bourne.

“This is deeply regrettable and our environmental teams have been working with the Environment Agency although we believe the impact to be minimal.”

The company said the incident was reported at around 9am on March 27. Repairs to the road were described as complex, with engineers working “round the clock throughout the bank holiday weekend” to dig down to the pipe.

An Environment Agency spokesman said officers were called to assess potential impact to the River Bourne, but added that initial findings suggested “the impact on the watercourse has been minimal”.

The spokesman said on Tuesday: “The pollution was contained over the weekend and tankers are no longer on site.”

Thames Water confirmed the incident was not connected to the ongoing roadworks to replace a 1.7km stretch of sewer between Staines Road and Free Prae Road.

For more on this story, see this week’s Surrey Herald, out on Thursday April 4


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