Interview with a covert police officer

with thanks to GMPTV via you tube.

Ever wondered what covert police officers do? Well here’s an interview with one of Greater Manchester Police’s officers doing that role….

Nice to note that these officers are supported by CCTV and a range of police and partnership assets.

I think the message at the end says it just about right – criminals in Runnymede (where the issues are less severe – but crime still occurs) beware …..


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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3 Responses to Interview with a covert police officer

  1. Roger says:

    Thank you John. I could have had one of my staff interviewed but being a small part of a small force there was a chance they might have been identified.

    You may have seen that we have undertaken a number of house re-possessions focused on persistent offenders and I am certain this has helped reduce criminality across the borough. You know I hate statistics but in stopping crime at source targeting the few has clearly helped the many.

    In any event there has been a clear reduction in crime and ASB over the past 15 years but I’m a bit embarrassed at this years crop of stats. They are so good it looks like it will be very tough to repeat it in the first year of the Surrey PCC!

    As to Social Media – yes I was at the Home Office looking at Apps for the police and GMP did an interesting presentation as did the Met, Gwent and others. Last weekend in Manchester “Blue Light Camp” was held whilst in London “Hack the Police” occurred. The latter was supported by the cops but the name worried our leaders 😀.

    The good news is that both had very successful outcomes and I am sure work in progress will help inform and support local residents here and beyond the Borough.

    (Sorry for the delay in my response)

  2. johndubyah says:

    Like it Roger. Also found their mobile App very advanced – and really useful. I know an app was introduced in your area not so long ago – but unfortunately not equally impressive. Hopefully work in progress? As to the message at the end of the interview: Ok, but we want these characters not simply moved away from city centres but locked up (or deported where appropriate) – of, of course, reformed if at all possible. Also ‘work in progress’ – in Surrey (even in our own backyard,Runnymede)?

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