magna carta – your ideas sought

MagnaCartaMemorialSurrey County Council is seeking your views on how we should celebtate the 800th anniversary of this great document – the basis of hundreds of national constitiutions around the globe.

So please take part in the survey whose link is given here and a full engagement package will start from 27th May:  In Egham High Street (29th May) during half term there will be a stall outside Costa, in Englefield Green (22nd June) at the Village Fair and at Magna Carta Day in Egham (15th June).

The survey will only take 10 to 15 minutes, and responses will help SCC to create a programme that enhances the local area without changing its character.

So get surveying and please share this as widely as possible so local views are heard by the decision-makers.



About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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3 Responses to magna carta – your ideas sought

  1. I have competed the survey. It is a shame however that the survey does not contain any information about the costs of these proposals. I am concerned about spending local taxpayers money on what is effectively a free tourist attraction. My preference would be to spend the money on infrastructure such as cycle ways to improve access and benefit everyone in the long term.

    • Roger Nield says:

      Stuart this appears to be a re-launch and is separate from the RBC work previously undertaken I believe.

      The key for me is the timing: there is only 2 years to the BIG day.

      So big projects are less likely …..

      However it would be a shame if the celebrations centred in London even if a local event will cause me a ton of work!

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