Surrey Police – new custody facility now under construction

Ok its a video but the soundtrack is not good and the ‘players’ are well… watch it for yourself!

In the future detainees will be processed – well booked in at this custom built facility at Salfords and you may wish to consider what this means for policing in the county.


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Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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3 Responses to Surrey Police – new custody facility now under construction

  1. johndubyah says:

    Sounds like a good idea on many fronts. Not sure if the comment in this post suggests otherwise? I can only think of one negative point and that is that there are so many in the community who have to be taken into and accommodated in custody, that makes such an ‘industrial’ solution necessary. However, given that it is necessary to ‘accommodate’ so many then this modular fabrication system and installation in what looks like a warehouse/industrial ‘shell’ would appear to offer an efficient and presumably economic solution based on (I hope) well-designed self-contained modules. Such modular systems have been tried and proven for decades and I see no reason why they should be less successful in providing custody facilities.

    • Roger Nield says:

      Thanks for your insight John, for me the jury is out: it should save money and be very safe for all who work and visit there. But having a single unit might mean issues if there’s a power failure or an infestation. Currently detainees can be housed elsewhere.

      Perhaps they can be moved to Sussex, Met or TVP custody and of course the current cell blocks can be mothballed – they are most robust and therefore difficult to “modify”. (That’s just as it should be!)

      But I agree the modular unit should provide the tools to do the job.

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