Plan BEE for Runnymede Finale

Re-Blogged with thanks from RBC’s news letter

C_67_article_2125109_short_teaser_group_teaserimageFriday 10 May saw a fantastic finale to the Mayor of Runnymede, Cllr Linda Gillham’s year of promoting bees and her Plan BEE for Runnymede, with activities for children and a talk on the importance of pollen in forensic science for the adults.

Pupils from nine Runnymede primary schools were invited to Runnymede’s Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone by Cllr Gillham, starting with a presentation by Holly from Squires Nurseries. Holly showed the plants that bees like best and how to make sure gardens are welcoming all year round.

St Jude’s School in Englefield Green will be home to a number of bee hives to help Runnymede’s bee population. Matthew, a bee keeper and employee at RBC will help the pupils look after several colonies of bees in the school grounds and with a generous donation from Procter and Gamble we have been able to buy all the equipment including the bee suits for the pupils to wear. One of St Jude’s future bee keepers modelled a suit for us.

RBC bee keeper Georje helped the children to roll beeswax and make their own candles, which was very popular and most took one home. Some of the children made and decorated frames that will be used in the bee hives that are going to St Jude’s School, while others tested their listening skills with some fun quizzes about bees and plants.

The winner of the best decorated frame received a garden voucher, with each school being presented with a voucher to spend on plants by Colin Squire, from Squire’s Garden Centres.

The morning event was closely followed by a networking lunch organised by the Egham Royal Show and drinks and sandwiches kindly donated by Waitrose. This was enjoyed by those who have shown an interest in Plan BEE for Runnymede during the last year and the whole day finished with a very interesting talk on the importance of Pollen in Forensic Science by Dr Michael Keith Lucas from Reading University.

Cllr Linda Gillham said: “I think all the children left happy with their vouchers and wildflower seeds donated by Nove-Flore and £50 from the Plan Bee fund, aware that if we feed our bees well they will carry on feeding us.”

“When I decided to raise the plight of the bee and other pollinators as a cause rather than adopt a Mayor’s charity I could not have hoped for the fantastic response that ‘Plan BEE for Runnymede’ has provoked. I intend to keep it going as a charity now while there are still generous donors and help to make Runnymede a good place for people and bees to live!”

For more information about Plan BEE for Runnymede, please contact Cllr Linda Gillham by e-mail


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