Thermomix – opportunity via the Village Centre

Please find below a conversation offering an opportunity in the Egham area.

Dear Linda,

It was lovely to meet you yesterday and have a tour around the Village Centre.  It’s an amazing place with a very welcome and peaceful feel.  You must all be very proud!

I said I’d drop you a note about demonstrating for Thermomix.  I’m looking for people in the general area who’d like a part time job on a self-employed basis (very easy to set up – all demonstrators are self-employed) so they can be their own boss and fit the work around other commitments.  They need to love food and cooking and probably need to fall in love with Thermomix too – we’re all very passionate about our what we can achieve in the kitchen with this amazing machine!  The time commitment is roughly 10 – 12 hours a week or more if people want.  Many people run their Thermomix business alongside other work – which may or may not be connected to food.  I have another little part time job too.

It will be fine for someone to investigate this opportunity with me with no commitment required at all at any stage until they sign up.  I don’t mind how long I spend with someone to help them work out if it is/or isn’t for them.    The first step would be to fill in the attached form and scan back to me so that I have their details and we can have a chat on the phone.

Secondly they would need to have a demonstration with me which could be at my house or theirs.  This would take a couple of hours – and I can do it for 1 – 4 people at the same time.  They can see whether a) they think Thermomix is amazing and b) watching me do the cooking demonstration, whether this is something they might like to do.

I can make several dates in July to do this.

Thirdly, on Wednesday 24th July at 10.30am I’m running an Open Day at my home in Sunningdale with my Team Leader.  This takes between 1 and 2 hours and is a session which describes the business opportunity to help people think about whether this might be for them.  If they decide to go ahead I will then be running training sessions in the Autumn to help people prepare for their new job.  The training is all free!  As demonstrators we are extremely well supported by UK Thermomix moving forward and all belong to a team for training and support which is fantastic for a self-employed position.

I hope you would gather from meeting me and knowing a bit about my background that we probably have some shared values and care about similar things.   These are reflected in the way I run my business and I believe, UK Thermomix (who are based in Sunningdale) too.  I just add this so that we be recognised as a credible opportunity for someone passionate about food rather than just a money making scheme.

The main website is here – and includes some newspaper reviews which are worth reading.  Thermomix can often be seen in action on Saturday Kitchen and other popular cooking programmes too.

I’d love to hear from anyone who might be interested – hope that’s not too much information!

Best Regards

Sarah x


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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