Wings & Wheels 2013

Wings and WheelsFor me Wings & Wheels is one of the best annual family events and this year was no exception.

Although the organisers had to battle with the weather on the first day of the show, they still managed to put on a fantastic event.

The Residents Network attended the event on both days. Tim Dodds & Alan Meeks attended on Saturday and I attended on Sunday. I loved the fascinating insight in to the life of a pilot Tim’s podcasts provided and Alan’s incredible images below really capture the wonderful atmosphere of Wings & Wheels.

This year I decided to take a different approach as to how I recorded event. Everything I captured was using social media. That was a bit of a gamble because Dunsfold Park is quite remote and the 3G connectivity is intermittent. I think that has a lot to do with the large numbers of people at the event and the mobile ISP’s throttling the network. But the gamble paid off.

Most of what I captured was using Vine. For those who do not know what this is. Vine is a relatively new kind of social media which comes in the form of very short videos. The maximum length is 7 seconds. You might think that is not very long which is true but withWings And Wheels a bit of creativity you can really capture the mood of an event. I also took some images which I posted on Instagram and I have embedded some into this post.

Wings & Wheels as the name suggests is way more than just an airshow. It is also a car show and just about every car you can think of is displayed. My favourite area is the Brooklands Paddock. You might remember my video of the Napier Railton from last years show.

Here are a couple of Vines from from Booklands Paddock:

There are static displays of vehicles of every kind all over the show ground. These milk floats are brilliant:

Followers of this blog might remember Josephine Hawkins podcast at the London Bus Preservation Trust. They were at the show with some magnificent buses from the museum:

I am a huge fan of the Surrey Road Cops twitter. The Road Cops were also at the show with a wide variety of vehicles used in their day to day work:

Wings and WheelsThe show organisers a big supporters of charities, national and local. One of the charities that they support and do fantastic work is RAFA. I recorded this podcast with Barry Harteveld at the show and also recorded this vine of their fantastic stand:

The Blades Display Team are one of the highlights of any airshow. All ex Red Arrow Pilots, these guys know how to wow the crowds. I will shortly be editing some on-board footage of their display at Wings & Wheels which I hope to publish on the Residents Network shortly. In the mean time I created this vine of the fantastic aircraft the blades use in their display:

Wings And WheelsI think this year I have to award man of the match (for the static displays) to The Military Zone. It was just fantastic. Here are some Vines from that display which was enormous and contained just about every imaginable military vehicle:

Man of the match for the air display without any doubt has to go to the Chinook. The display was simply incredible. Even the show commentators were blown away. I took some footage on my video camera of this display which I hope to share soon but here is a couple of Vines in the mean time:

Wings And Wheels - Hannah MooreThere are some other very cool displays which are dotted across the show ground. I really liked the one from Surrey School Boy Trails Club and the Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club. Here are a few of the Vines I captured and are in fact my favourite ones from the day:

The Vulcan is now a firm favourite at any airshow, but it wont be with us forever. It costs a fortune to keep this incredible aircraft in the air and its airframe has not got an infinite life. We have to enjoy it while we can:

Of course the most eagly awated display at any airshow is the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team The Red Arrows.  As always their display was outstanding:

Every year Wings & Wheels gets bigger and better. I already can’t wait until next years show.

Here are some fantastic images from this years show from Residents Network regular photo blogger Alan Meeks:


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