es20[1]Yesterday Surrey Police officers carried out a passive drugs dog operation in the grounds of the Royal Holloway (RHUL) campus. This blog is simply intended to provide some context around that event.

RHUL is a very safe university and sits comfortably within the top 20 safest UK universities. There are many reasons for this but a firm partnership between the staff, students, public and police is key to keeping the college’s reputation and students safe.

I suspect that the tweeps using the #copsoffcampus hash tag are probably new to the area and will not be aware of local issues…..

#copsoncampus are here to protect students from unscrupulous ‘visitors’ who target the campus as a place to make money illegally. Every year we hunt burglars and drug dealers who see students as easy pickings. Local officers will support you to to prevent you becoming a statistic.

The BIG issue for police is to encourage students to keep their property safe by taking simple security measures:

templateheaderimage11072012134248Lock your room; don’t leave property lying about in full view (especially in ground floor rooms and just behind your window). Don’t just allow people into your hall of residence or house off campus if you don’t know them. Challenge them. Report suspicious circumstances to college security and/or the police and warn your hall/house mates. (They might be able to reassure you).

Remember that we are all glad to have you here in the borough but you are joining a community that’s even larger than the college. So pick up the SU’s “Love Thy Neighbour” pack. Read it. Follow the advice!

For example if you walk up from Egham late at night please do so quietly. This is because many local folk will be trying to sleep before working in the morning. Noisy parties will frustrate your neighbours and so college staff, council workers and police patrol together to mitigate the damage caused. Interestingly many complaints of noise and anti-social behaviour that are made about students come from…….yep; other students who are trying to study!

As to the police presence on campus yesterday we are just benchmarking our intentions to address any illegal drug supply. You need to understand that where criminals are attracted to students’ cops will also attend to mitigate your risk. That’s the same as in the rest of Englefield Green and the rest of Runnymede.

Thanks for giving me the chance to respond to your concerns. Please feel free to follow up on the blog – this evening (Saturday 28th September 2013) you’ll find me patrolling in uniform. Feel free to stop me and chat. If you are not confident doing that then please check with your community liaison officers and the Students Union. Or post back on the blog.

Good luck with your studies – I’ll see you around.



About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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14 Responses to #copsoffcampus

  1. Roger Nield says:

    Folks I have a couple of comments that I’m loathe to add because they are factually inaccurate and if the writers would like to review what they have written and adjust it OR email me directly I will set them straight.

    We seem to have strayed from the CopsOffCampus theme and the numbers of hit on this thread have fallen off dramatically.

    Thank you all for your comments and views.

  2. Kate Hollowood says:

    I do wonder what 7 police officers attacking a student representative, bundling him into the back of a van and detaining him for 16 hours has to do with keeping anyone safe?

    Lest we forget, the principle of Liberalism isn’t ‘If you’ve got nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.’ This is the mentality of a Soviet state and (more worryingly) society.

    We should be working under the principle ‘I’m innocent. Treat me like I’m innocent.’ This goes all the way back to Magna Carta. Don’t throw your rights away because the man in uniform told you it will keep you safe.

    Take this route, and you’ve already lost.

  3. Roger Nield says:

    Folks, I’ve left Kate’s comment on for all to see. Apologies to those who may be offended but it shows …. well Kate’s view.

    Don’t be alarmed: more folks have let us know that the policing of the campus and its surroundings is appreciated than have been negative.

    For those who worry about the students – I can confirm categorically that the sentiments shared are not universal and you should not worry.

    But be advised that I will moderate any comments that start becoming personal.

  4. Kate Hollowood says:

    I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say watching a student representative being assaulted by 7 feral pigs made me feel much safer. #fuckthepolice.

    • Roger Nield says:

      Kate you must have missed the problems students suffered last year then? I think the victimised students probably disagree with you.

      • Kate Hollowood says:

        You’re suggesting that the students who were burgled or getting high last year see tazer carrying police officers attacking a student and this makes them feel better?

        It’s logic, Jim, but not as we know it!

  5. G. Masters says:

    Some information about the arrest would be helpful? Would be nice to hear the other side.

    • Roger Nield says:

      As ever the matter is shrouded under the sub judice rules but I’ll up date once I can.

      On a general note that is really frustrating because other people can state their piece (enjoy Kate’s comment?) without any proper context. But that’s cos we enjoy a ‘due process model of policing’ and it keeps us safe.

      • G. Masters says:

        I’ll look forward to that, all seems a bit one sided at the moment. Can’t go jumping the gun! #dontfuckthepoliceyet

      • Kate Hollowood says:

        Didn’t keep any of these unfortunates safe did it?

        Weren’t Surrey Police directly implicated in Smiley Culture ‘stabbing himself to death’ in custody?

        Isn’t it statistically much more likely an individual will be murdered by a police officer than by a terrorist in the UK?

        • G. Masters says:

          Well If that happened on Friday I’m sure we’d all be more concerned. However it didn’t and, while blowing this unbelievably out of proportion, I would argue you are offending those victims in equating it to Fridays events as well as the officers because I am sure they were not involved in any murders, just doing their job!

        • Roger Nield says:


          If you would like to discuss deaths in police custody please start a new thread on the Blog.

          Also please explain further about the Smiley Culture incident you are allegeding something about. To quote your own words back atcha: “We should be working under the principle ‘I’m innocent. Treat me like I’m innocent.’ ” Or does that not apply to you?

          And as to you being more likely to be murdered by a police officer rather than a terrorist the eveidence is clear: NO! you are not. Bring on your statistics, argue your case and we can peer review it.

          It is a sad reflection that you could create “joke” statistics giving the terroist actions of people like David Copeland* credibility.

          *chosen from a long list at random.

  6. F.Roy says:

    Never realised a passive drugs dog operation constituted racial profiling, what a great way to make us feel safe, thank you ever so much.

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