As seen on CCTV

 re-blogged with thanks from RBC’s e-news letter

Interestingly with CCTV in the news again I can confirm that RBC does not use its CCTV for catching illegal parking offenders or any of the other stuff reported! Now on with the blog…..

Safer RunnumedeWe cannot report recent incidents caught by CCTV because of ongoing investigations, however below are some older incidents which give a flavour of our work. All means of identification have been removed.

 Two drunk females smashed a bottle in a store. Located and Police attend and arrest female for further damage to shop front.

 Police report request to observe from male. Known male appeared to have requested he be watched urinating against a van, later arrested.

 Police reporting vehicles racing around car parks. Possible vehicle located Police notified, and monitoring ongoing antics until Police arrived.

 Two males reportedly squaring up. Police request monitoring of area for any sightings.

 Park Keeper requests observation of group of youths drinking. Location monitored until they moved away

 Two males reportedly begging. Monitored approaching people, but then walked away before police arrived.

 Middle aged male missing. Police request to bear in mind described man in the area.

 Vulnerable female left Hospital heading to entrance. Request to monitor location. Police seen with woman at bus stop.

 Group of youths causing trouble at Pooley Green Shops. Police request monitoring of location whilst they attend.

 Boy reportedly stopped and asked inappropriate questions. Police request to monitor area for described vehicle.

 Road accident reported on Bridge. Police notified and location monitored. Blockage cleared by the time police arrived.

 Fight reported. Melee monitored for police.

 One Female reportedly assaulted another. Police request to monitor location whilst they attend.

 Human foetus believed found on pavement. Police request general monitoring of area and review of earlier footage.

 Asked to monitor described truck carrying quad bike through the town.

  Vehicle seen several times driving around, and police notified. Stopped in different part of Borough.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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