Runnymede Council Residents’ Association (RCRA)

If you would like to know more about what the RCRA does, or have any problems contact the Chair of the Association, Jenny Hill, by e-mailing her at by telephone 01932 568405, or Mobile: 07811863565. Alternatively, write to her c/o Jane Margetts, at the Runnymede Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, and she will pass on your letter.

Jenny Hill

Jenny Hill

 Committee Members

Jenny Hill (Chairman) – Chertsey
Graham Windsor (Vice Chairman) – Englefield Green
David Wheeler – Chertsey
Brenda Cobban – Chertsey
Joan Kendall – Egham Hythe and A2D
John Downing – New Haw and Sheltered Housing
Norman Scott – Virginia Water
Teresa Stone – Addlestone and Sheltered Housing
Sylvia Walker – Addlestone
Tony Ruffell – Addlestone
Nicky Culley – New Haw
Debbie Bates – Englefield Green
Lisa Essery – Egham Hythe and A2

Tenant Services Authority

The Tenant Services Authority (TSA) is the new governing body for social housing, whether the landlord is Housing Association or Council. The aim of the TSA is to ensure all tenants receive the same level of services wherever they live and although the TSA will set the National Standards (after consultation with the Housing Providers and tenants) tenants are going to be asked to become more involved in setting the local standards and this is where you as tenants along with the RCRA committee will become involved.

Over the next few months the RCRA together with other tenants will be looking at the way in which the Council provides services, such as repairs to see whether or not they can be improved and whether they comply with the standard set by the TSA.

The first such meeting took place in Englefield Green on March 8th and further meetings to discuss the service standards have since been held at The Orchard, in Chertsey. We have arranged for further opportunities for discussion relating to our standards in the near future and if you would like to be included in these discussions please contact me for further details.

As mentioned one of the main aims of the TSA is to ensure that tenants are consulted and actively encouraged to become involved. One of the areas in which we the RCRA can keep you informed of what we are doing on your behalf is to put the minutes of our meetings on our web page and you can see below the minutes of our most recent meeting held in May.

We realise that not all tenants have access to a computer and in the next edition of Streets Ahead I will be inviting tenants to let me know if they require a copy of the minutes sent out to them.

Example of their work
Holbrook_Meadow_Estate[1]Holbrook Meadow, Egham
In April the Tenancy Management Team, after consultation with local residents organised a ‘clean up day’ on the Holbrook Meadow Estate. There were chocolate treats for all the local children who helped pick up litter and generally tidy up the area. The Police and Safer Runnymede helped make the day a huge success as our picture below shows.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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