What is good customer service and does it apply to the police?

Yesterday I received great customer service whilst shopping in extremely busy real shops in Basingstoke. The first was in Pandora and the second in the Apple store. In both Unknowninstances the staff member was polite, knowledgeable about their product and took the trouble to be supportive. This included actively listening to the issues at hand and checking the needs of the customer.

What I found extremely valuable in both cases was the opinion offered by the sales personapple-logo and the way both found the time to be reassuring and helpful even though the shops were clearly exceptionally busy. Humour and reassurance were used to make me, the customer feel empowered to make the right decisions. Brilliant!

Interestingly both shops are open plan, so you can see the busy staff and what they are doing. In both cases other staff members respectfully helped their colleagues and everyone working was working as a team. Clearly other customers were as pleased as I was by the outcomes.

So how does this apply to the police? Well policing is a team event but what may have been overlooked is how the omni-competence of the staff member can be key to great service: One member of staff, dealing with one occurrence and completing it there and then – a one stop shop.

And when police staff are working together they should support each other to take control of the event. Moreover whether this occurs in the office, on the street or elsewhere each interaction needs to explain as well as direct victims, witnesses or offenders as to how they can repair their lives. I will work to ensure that this will be done with the same charm and support as I was shown yesterday.

Guess what my staff will hear about and be challenged to provide tomorrow?

About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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