Latest flooding information for Runnymede and Spelthorne

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Flood warnings have been issued for areas in Runnymede and Spelthorne.For up to date information read the flood warning page or visit the Environment Agency’s website.


Latest flooding information for Runnymede and Spelthorne

Flood warnings have been issued for areas in Runnymede and Spelthorne. For up to date  information read the flood warning pages on the Environment Agency’s website listed below.

Chertsey Bourne

River Thames at Hamm Court

River Thames at Staines and Egham

River Thames at Old Windsor

Rivers and flooding

With the prolonged period of heavy rain, we would like to remind you about the risks of flooding. There is about 12% of the Borough that lies within the Environment Agency flood plain, which equates to some 7,000 properties at direct risk of flooding from rivers. Flooding can also be from other sources, including surface water, groundwater, foul sewer or even burst water mains.

If you live in flood risk areas, we would advise you to sign up to the Environment Agency’s flood warning service for warnings about river flooding. We’d like to also encourage you to put in place measures to protect your property from flooding, and to make and implement a flood plan.  We would encourage people who live in large communities at risk of flooding to revise their flood plan regularly and practice it.

In order to alleviate the effects of flooding, Runnymede Borough Council has a rigorous maintenance programme for maintaining the ordinary watercourses and part of the main rivers for which we are the riparian owner. The works carried out ranges from pipe winching, through rubbish clearance to proper ditching works. The Council has a dedicated team trained to carry out those works through our Direct Services Organisation. We would also like to remind you not to fly tip into the watercourses, as the debris (including garden rubbish, tree and grass cuttings) could cause serious blockages leading to localised flooding problems.

The Council hosts meetings of the Runnymede Flood Forum, which deals with flooding issues within the Borough and is open to those whose properties or businesses are at risk of flooding and also to all those who have got an interest in flooding matters.

If you are unsure whether your property is at risk of flooding or for any other flooding advice then you should contact the Environment Agency.  Alternatively please talk to one of our staff in the Engineering Services Section on 01932 838383.

Health hazards due to flooding and possible sewage contamination

The Health Protection Agency has produced two brief and helpful advice leaflets for concerned residents. For further information please see the links below, these can be printed off as leaflets.

1. General health Information following a flood

The main points are:

The risk from bugs in the water
Infection problems arising from floods in this country are rare. Usually any harmful bugs
in floodwater become very diluted and present a low risk, but there are a few precautions
we can take:

  • wherever possible, try to avoid coming into direct contact with floodwater. If you
    have to go into the water, wear waterproof gloves and rubber boots and remember
    to be careful of potentially concealed hazards
  • wash your hands – this is the most important way to get rid of harmful bugs. Use warm, clean water and soap, then rinse and dry your hands after going to the
    toilet, before eating or preparing food, or after being in contact with floodwater,
    sewage or with items that have been in the water. Use cold water if there is no
    warm water, or wet wipes if there is no water at all
  • keep any open cuts or sores clean and prevent them being exposed to floodwater. Wear waterproof plasters.

2. Health advice on how to clean up safely following floods

With regards to the responsibility of cleaning up sewage contamination due to flooding it is likely to fall to Thames Water. For further information please visit the Thames Water website or call 0845 9200 800 for a 24/7 reporting system for Thames Water.



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