An update from the Bagshot & St Vincent de Paul flood relief effort – Photo blog

Surrey Heath Residents Network

Bagshot and SVP Flood Relief Effort - Tina Carney (7) It is official, Bagshot Village is full of most fantastically generous and community spirited people, who are not currently under water!!

The donations poured in from all directions …. at least 5 trolleys from The Cooperative, who by accounts had several gaps on their shelves as people walked around with their ‘Flood Wish Lists’. It took at least 5 trolleys to get the donations from The Three Mariners, and we lost count of the number of times we had bags from Unique, Alboe, The Kings Arms, The Bagshot Village Cafe, Howlands, The Gift Shop, Daniels and people just dropping in. The Half Moon brought over at least three large car boot full and Budgens send a van and two young men to empty it! There were also collections from our Camberley drop off points and donations from the Farnborough Food Bank. Thankfully, we were joined by many volunteers, of whom…

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About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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