Flooding – helping you get back to normality!

Here’s a note from Sergeant Helen Vaughan* who is keen to help clean up Runnymede – in Unknownthis case its less about crime prevention and more about pumping the river our of flooded homes.

Helen reports:

” Please note that  Chertsey Fire station are issuing carbon monoxide detectors for flooded homes who are using their own generators / pumping equipment etc.  You can collect them from Chertsey Fire Station and deliver them but people can also obtain them direct from the council recovery centres at Chertsey Halls and the Hythe Centre egham (now operating on alternate days).

For those of you with community associations for flooded areas ie Wey Meadows / Penton Hook etc please spread the word.”


Now she is rallying her troops in this email but I think you might be interested to see the sort of instructions @RunnymedeBeat staff are being given.

And of course this is my way of following her orders and trying to mitigate hardship across the borough.

Stay safe out there.



*Helen looks after Addlestone and the South of the Borough.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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