Telemarketers beware: First fines handed to firms breaching TPS (

Businesses with telesales and outbound marketing departments should consider themselves warned by Telephone Preference Service (TPS), that pleading ignorance to its 20-million-strong register won’t wash anymore.

Despite the challenges the TPS has faced in pushing for punishment for businesses who contact people on its ‘do not call’ list, it has finally been able to enjoy a long-awaited victory. Legal history was made when Dorset County Council Trading Standards Service pulled up south-west business, Apple Home Improvements, on making unsolicited telephone calls to TPS-registered numbers and making a ‘persistent nuisance’ of itself to elderly and vulnerable people. The result: a fine to the tune of £36,000.


Another helpful news item from Trading Standards!


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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2 Responses to Telemarketers beware: First fines handed to firms breaching TPS (

  1. And at no time at all, the number of their call center agents have doubled, while
    their office have also expanded to accommodate
    the growing demands for call center services. I only gave a brief description in the
    laws for telemarketing companies and market research
    companies. Aside from having a separate work space to perform your job at a call center, you may need to have
    a computer capable of heavy-duty multi-tasking.

  2. johndubyah says:

    The REAL problem is sales but particularly Scam calls from unknown origin International calls and Withheld numbers, and none of the regulators or call blocking services or devices address this problem – unless for example one is prepared to block ALL international calls. This is an unacceptable option for anyone who expects to receive the occasional legitimate International or even Withheld number call. The only answer is to have a system which can identify any ‘Witheld Number’ or International call. But then that would be another Civil liberty bandwagon for the self-appointed ‘Guardians’ of our Liberties, to jump on. But then I seem to one of the minority who feels thay have nothing to hide or fear from CCTV or legitimate data sharing. I’d far rather catch criminals especially those who illegitamately invade our privacy.

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