Rogue Traders

Surrey County CouncilThe below is provided by our friends in SCC’s trading Standards Department. They are one of our front line guardians trying to keep us all safer. This is the latest bulletin:


  • Report of driveway work being offered in Blindley Heath.  The victim was told that they would jet wash driveway for free if they could display an advertising board, however, then found further work and demanded £550 in cash.
  • Reports of cold calling traders in the West Surrey area, specifically Bagshot targeting elderly residents. They say they can replace broken roof tiles, jet wash roofs and apply a thermal type coating etc They seem to charge £1000’s!
  • Door knockers in the Woking area offering driveway work and offering some sort of VAT deal – possible scam!

Please look out for friends and neighbours and spread the word to Stop Cold Callers.
You can get stickers to put on your door to deter rogues from knocking. They are free and can be picked up from libraries, council offices, police stations or by calling 03456 009 009.

*If you pay or agree to pay over £35 for any services or goods that are sold to you during a visit to your home or your place of work, then:

*You have seven days to cancel the agreement. Any monies you have paid should then be returned to you. The caller must give you a written cancellation form setting out your rights when you agree the contract. If the caller does not provide you with this information he is committing a criminal offence and the agreement isn’t valid.

Always Ask Yourself –
*Do I really want the work done, or the goods?
*Would I normally have agreed to this?
*Have I compared prices?
*What if it goes wrong?
*Do I know the seller?
*Can I really afford it?
*Can I contact the seller again?
*Do I have any cancellation rights?

If you need assistance with a trader at your door please call 08454 040506 or in an emergency dial 999.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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