Rogue Traders & Scams

From SCC’s Trading Standards Team (thank you)

Rogue Traders & Scams

  • A Woking resident recently just received an unsolicited phone call from her ‘bank’ on her mobile – they didn’t know her & wanted details!
  • We are getting a few calls about ‘free’ trials of slimming supplements. There seem to be various issues from missing products to being charged when all indications are that it’s free.Please read the terms and conditions as you may find if you do not cancel after you receive your freebies you may continue to get the products that are expensive – and they have your debit/credit card details as you probably had to fill them out to get the free trial!Please note that if such products come from abroad, then they may not comply with UK or EU regulations!
  • A local business reported that there were unknown transactions taken from their bank account via debit card. They contacted their bank and stopped any future payments but advised us so we could spread the word to highlight how important it is to check invoices and bank statements!
  • Camberley resident reports that an alarm company is cold calling and saying that they are affiliated with the police – they are not! Please do your research before agreeing to purchase any security system!
  • A local business has been contacted by trader about a business directory saying that they had signed up to 3 year contract and had defaulted on payments. They are being threatened with bailiffs. This is a scam as there was no such agreement or paperwork – they are simply using scare tactics to obtain money – Businesses beware!

About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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