Beware the “Peter Pan” virus….

With thanks to Bill for sharing this information.

Beware The Peter Pan Virus

Dear Windows Secrets Reader,

Everyone loves a pantomime at Christmas, but if you receive an email claiming to be your receipt for tickets to a Peter Pan pantomime in Bournemouth, on no account should you open it.

The email is part of the latest malware scam aimed at UK Internet users. In fact the email contains one of two infections.

The message either infects you with the Bitlocker Trojan which encrypts the data on your PC and then charges you to access it again, or with a botnet virus that uses your PC to send out spam emails and steal information from your PC such as passwords.

At first glance the scam email looks genuine and purports to come from a legitimate ticket company called BH Live Tickets.

Some affected users even claim that the email contained the last four digits of their credit card number, making it look more realistic.

The hackers behind the scam are banking on people’s surprise when they see the email – the message claims that your credit card has been charged £145 for tickets you haven’t ordered.

If you try to open the attachment on the email for more details – which claims to be a PDF receipt but is in fact the malware – your PC will become infected.

Needless to say, the emails have nothing to do with BH Live Tickets. In a statement they said ‘Emails have been sent to a number of recipients purporting to be from BH Live. Initial investigations suggest that emails did not originate from BH Live’s systems or network.’

According to initial reports from security companies the scam isn’t picked up by anti-virus software or spam scanners, so you need to be extra vigilant.

The email looks very convincing but don’t be fooled. If you see any messages claiming to be receipts for items you haven’t bought delete them straight away but check your credit card or bank statement to make sure you haven’t been charged.

Yours sincerely,
Stefan Johnson,
Editor-in-Chief, Windows Secrets



About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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