Fake it – till you Become it! Should YOU discover Your Power Pose?

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I have to say, along with 21 million others I came away feeling it was worth watching this TED Talk on Body Language. OK, so it doesn’t sound like a Gripping subject: True. But there is a bit more behind this than I thought. Sure, it’s nothing NEW to learn that your body language can make or break you, say, in an important interview or a negotiation. And maybe you think: Well it’s the way I AM; nothing I can do about it. I’e tried. Well: Have you, REALLY?

The last 4 minutes of this talk is the most revealing especially if you don’t  join the Whoops at the brief display of emotion. It even starts to feel a bit like a celebrity Chat show, rather than a serious subject. But that only lasts a few moments, In fact persevere with the first 17 minutes during which (interesting though it…

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Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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