Magna Carta events – February

February Highlights:
• The American Bar Association launch their Magna
Carta programme at Houston, TX., meeting
Multiple lectures across the country featuring Prof.
Nigel Saul, Prof. David Carpenter, Lord Judge, Sir
Robert Worcester, together with University of Virginia
Magna Carta Scholar Prof. Dick Howard
• 2 – 4th: The four 1215 Magna Carta united at the
British Library
5th: The four 1215 Magna Carta united at Parliament
• 5 – 20th: ‘Magna Carta & Parliament’ exhibition at
Westminster Hall – public tours
5th: Intelligence Squared hosts a panel discussion,
‘Magna Carta, Myth & Meaning’ – featuring Dr David
Starkey, at the Royal Institute of Great Britain.
• 12th: Lord Judge speaks at King’s College London,
‘Magna Carta Uncovered.’ Book here
16 – 20th : The Chief Justice of Barbados, Sherman
Moore, speaks on Magna Carta as part of the
University of West Indies Magna Carta Lecture Series
• 20th: Stakeholder Networking Day at Temple Church,
23 – 25th: The Global Law Summit – leading legal
minds will come together to discuss the Rule of Law.


About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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