Another Fine SCAM you’ve tried to get me into!

templateheaderimage11072012134248With many thanks to Surrey Police’s “Old and Bold” folks……

Bob has passed the below to me and I am aware that a similar stunt was tried just over the border in Hampshire recently. So you are aware.

Location: Ashtead Park

Date and Time: Weds. 3rd June at approx.1.00 pm

From local resident: “At a lay by adjacent to Ashtead Park, an old car was parked. As I approached the car a man jumped out and flagged my car down. In very broken English he told me he needed help as his car had run out of petrol. He attempted to pass gold rings and his mobile phone in exchange for cash. When I refused his request he became quite aggressive and was leaning in through the passenger window. I managed to get away and thought to put it down to experience. I genuinely believed he had been in distress.”

The police say:

The best advice is not to stop if strangers try to flag you down. If they step out so that you have to stop, central lock your doors, keep the windows up and let them see you are getting on your mobile phone to call police on 999. Don’t speak to them. Move off as soon as you can but try to make a note of the index number of the car and any descriptions of the people in the car. This scam is well known in the Metropolitan Police area so it seems that the tricksters are now moving out into surrounding counties. The so-called gold rings they have been offering in London are in fact brass rings.


Best we don’t get caught out with this – if it looks too good to be true, or try to play on your greed. Just say NO!



About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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