Water Supply Problems – update and contact details.

Update at  20:25

Postcodes: GU15, GU18, GU19, GU20, GU21, GU24, GU25, KT15, KT16, RG12, RG42, SL4,
SL5, TW3, TW4, TW5, TW14, TW15, TW18,TW20, UB1, UB2, UB3, UB4, UB8

Thanks to all our customers for doing their bit to use water wisely this evening –
we really appreciate it.


As a result, the temporary fixes we’ve put in place at our Egham Water Treatment
Works are keeping most customers’ water supplies maintained, albeit you might still
experience lower water pressure than normal.

Please be assured we will be working throughout the night to carry on with our
extensive repair work.

If the situation changes we will update the website – but this will be the
final update for this evening

and this is why…

One of our largest water mains – 1000mm in diameter – split in the early hours of Wednesday (1 July).
The main is located within our Egham Water Treatment Works and transports partially treated water
between two parts of the treatment process.

Our immediate focus has been to maintain water supplies to as many customers as possible while
carrying out the emergency repairs.

What we’re doing:

We’ve got teams of people, suppliers and contractors who’ve been working round the clock to
fix this major and, as far as we know, unprecedented problem

We’ve got some temporary fixes in place:

We’ve got the Fire Brigade in to pump large volumes of water into our treatment works IMG_4150
to keep the works ticking over and our customers’ taps flowing for as long as possible

We’ve adjusted our own pipework on site to support this arrangement

We’ve also pumped in extra water from around our supply area today, and Thames Water
is providing extra water (30 million litres)

We are continually monitoring and adapting our water supply network to adapt to changes in demand

What about the impact on customers?

We thank our customers for their patience – we know many customers are experiencing low pressure.

Hopefully that will still give them enough for the essentials – particularly staying hydrated in this hot weather.

IMG_4151What we would ask is that customers refrain from watering the garden tonight or filling up paddling pools –
we want to make what we’ve got go as far as possible until we’re confident we’ve fixed the problem.

Alternative water supply arrangements 
With repairs continuing overnight we have to make arrangements to bring in alternative supplies.
For vulnerable customers, we have already delivered bottled water over the last 24 hours as a 
precaution, and will continue this.

We really hope no community will find themselves without water but if this occurs we have made 
arrangements to make available alternative supplies for collection, should these be required

Regular updates and further information will be posted on the following:

  • Web:                affinitywater.co.uk
  • Twitter:            @affinitywater
  • Facebook:       /affinitywater

About Roger Nield MBE

Safety Director for the SMPL Organisation and supporting our Vulnerable Veterans Programme.
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One Response to Water Supply Problems – update and contact details.

  1. Roger Nield says:

    Reblogged this on Hart Residents Community Website and commented:
    Saving water here in Hart is still important but in Runnymede and beyond – its essential

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