Day 13: Magna Carta and Maughan Library


Wednesday, July 8, 2015
A few of us elected to see the Magna Carta exhibit at the British Library. I mean, it is a piece of parchment that’s 800 years old… that’s pretty cool.

Exhibit at the British Library (via K. Emmons) Exhibit at the British Library (via K. Emmons)

Photos were not allowed inside the exhibit… but guess who does have photos that you can view from the comfort of your home?! THE BRITISH LIBRARY! There’ll you’ll be able to cruise through the photos and read all about how the Magna Carta influenced today’s laws.

A run down in Kelsey terms: King John, 1199-1216, was basically a sucky monarch. He killed people, lied to people, thought he was above the law… the whole nine yards. The Magna Carta was drafted in 1215 by the Archbishop of Canterbury in order to make peace between King John and some upset (read “rebel”) nobility. It promised church rights, protection from illegal imprisonment…

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