This site has been created as a resource for Runnymede residents.

There are many aspects of Runnymede life that impact upon us all. For instance, AirTrack. The impact of this will have on the local community will be felt across the borough and the strain on local roads and transportation is not yet fully understood.

Never before has there more need for the local communities to come together to ensure that the very best can be secured for the Borough.

Viewing some of the blog posts on this site proves that community spirit is alive and well in the Borough of Runnymede. One of the aims of this site to promote the very best of Runnymede and surrounding areas.

Due to our busy life styles it is not always possible for us to get involved with the community by attending public meetings or other events. That does not mean to say that we are not interested in what goes on. This web site enables local residents to participate from anywhere and give us all a sense of ownership in our community.

This web site is a work in progress. To try and ensure a balanced viewpoint from across the community, various personalities will be invited to regularly contribute to the blog. It is possible for anyone to make a comment following a post from our regular contributors. All comments are moderated.

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