Cllr Mike Goodman’s ePetition for a strategic review of HGV access to #Windlesham and #Chobham

Surrey Heath Residents Network

Photo 07-06-2014 16 45 15Surrey County Councillor Mike Goodman has set up an ePetition to Stop the increase of large HGV’s through the villages of Windlesham and Chobham.

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Theft From Motor Vehicle- Fleet

Please be aware of the following incident which has occurred in Silver Birch Close in Fleet: Between 17:00hrs on 11/02/2016 and 07:00hrs on 12/02/2016, unknown person/s have broken into a vehicle parked on a driveway and taken various tools. If anyone has any information which could assist with our investigations, they are encouraged to call Police […]

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What does it take to save a veteran?

IMG_4103Servicemen and women, our reserves and their families are, like the rest of us wanting to live their lives in peace and in a setting they have chosen. Of course most of us make compromises due to our age, health and lifestyle choices. But for many who find themselves in an accident, a victim of crime or even caught up in a major incident they may face what is euphemistically called “life changing injuries”.

These injuries may leave mental scars instead of or as well as physical ones.

People who serve in our armed forces however may be ordered to places where they face truly horrific incidents; where they see what no person should see and attempt to deal with what no person should ever have to do. They are expected to function, under discipline to resolve whatever they have been directed to do. Life changing injuries of one sort or the other, or both may ensue.

This I believe sets them apart and it takes a special sort of courage to know that your job may place you in harms way. Hopefully through training and teamwork they will pull though, wiser and more experienced but not all will be so fortunate.

There are a multitude of organizations to support these service personnel, reserves and their families but as physical scars are clear and obvious at their inception the mental ones can often lie dormant for years.

And when the ‘boxed up’ troubling memories arise they can be denied or inappropriately self-treated and end up bringing the veteran into conflict with their family, their place in the community and into contact with the criminal justice system. Now clearly there are lots of charities, local services and organizations who can help prior to this point IF the veteran is prepared to find and accept the support available. However when you are on a downward spiral and becoming less outgoing this can be difficult to do.

This is where the Veterans Programme can help. A referral to us can make all the difference. When a veteran comes into the criminal justice system [CJS] we work with imagesthem to get them to realize the situation they are in. Often the CJS contact acts as a shock. Our team will work to help them retain their freedom and undertake restorative justice. Where other charities provide support for specific needs we not only signpost these but ensure the end user can access them. Support for families is vital at this time and coaching or mentoring can make the difference to the outcomes for these hurting folk.

Now one in four of us will have a mental health episode in a year. Everyone needs support and help but for our veterans who have put themselves in harms way to defend us and our freedoms it is right and proper that they are able to rely on the rest of us to defend and protect them from the injuries they have sustained in our service. A pension is not enough. That is why the vulnerable veterans programme is absolutely necessary.

Read more about the programme at                                               Green Logo



The Vulnerable Veterans Programme in Surrey supports the Community Covenant.CommunityCovenant

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Man given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order after pleading guilty to harassment

A man has been given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order after pleading guilty to three charges of harassment when he appeared at South West Surrey Magistrate’s Court in Guildford last week. Paul Roper, 41, of Guildford, was given a 24 month community order, ordered to carry out 60 days of rehabilitation work and to pay […]

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VIDEO: Surrey leader on extra government funding and budget

Highlights from David Hodge’s speech at today’s Full Council meeting: Ministers have listened to the case made by Surrey for local government as a whole about pressures faced Surrey secured more than £24 million of the extra £300m funding announced by the government for councils nationally over the next two years Grant of £11.9m this year […]

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Surrey Heath Crime Summit 2016 – Podcast

Can’t see audio player? Click here

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£20,000 handed over to keep ex-soldiers out of Surrey’s prisons

ReBlogged from Eagle Radio with thanks:

crime_1 fence security

6:01am 5th February 2016

A £20,000 grant has been given to Surrey Police to keep ex-soldiers out of prison.

Jeff Harris, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey  is using the money, which comes from the Ministry of Defence, to support ex-veterans currently inside, as well as those struggling to adjust to ordinary life.

Veterans and ex-service personnel make up 7% of the prison population and it costs between £45,000 and £60,000 a year to keep each of them there.

The PCC’s office says if this scheme can prevent just one ex-serviceman, reservist or veteran entering the Criminal Justice System then this project would be self-funding almost immediately.

A veteran, who got on the wrong side of the law but wishes to remain anonymous, said: “When you leave the structure and standards of the forces you can feel very alone, rudderless.

“It was hard for me as we didn’t have a post code on the base so it was hard to get local services.

“I got depressed; it put pressure on my family.

“I drank too much and ended up scrapping. Spending a night in a cell was my wake up call.”

Leaving a structured lifestyle shared with like-minded colleagues who have been through the same traumatic experiences and adjusting to ordinary life can be very hard.

Some suffer relationship break ups, have difficulty finding work, fall prey to addictions and eventually become homeless.

20% of rough sleepers are known to be ex-service personnel, where at their last desperation, crime is a temptation.

Working with H.M Prisons, H.M Courts Service and the Probation Service the grant will fund research to identify the number of ex-service personnel in Surrey prisons and on license in Surrey and put together a group of mentors to support them and help them move beyond it.

It will also identify ways to divert ex-service personnel away from the Criminal Justice System.

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